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Laser engraving

We quickly and qualitatively engrave and cut various materials (plastic, metallized plastic, wood, plywood, paper, leather goods, etc.)

Laser engraving is a very precise image obtained with the help of computers and lasers, so we can engrave extremely precisely, even the smallest images, notes and photos. The laser can engrave materials that cannot be affected by other mechanical and chemical means. Laser engraved inscription is a guarantee of quality and durability.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is much more accurate and cleaner than mechanical cutting methods. The extremely smooth cut will allow you to cut even the most complex shapes and contours, so you will be able to enjoy intricate souvenirs, layouts and other products. We can laser cut organic glass, wood, plywood, MDF boards, paper and cardboard, vinyl, plastics.


We produce registered and business wooden cards, magnets, pendants, tokens, tables, stencils, trays, drink carriers, juice boxes, house and street numbers, wooden boxes, signs, etc. - We implement your visions!

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