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How much do our services cost?

Each order is individual, but our goal is to work with quality and at an affordable price for everyone.

Write to us about the price of the order - we will talk.

e - mail: or

call +370 699 10601

What does the price depend on?

The price differs from: engraved width and depth, cut, length, type and size of material, complexity of layout, number of products, additional materials and tools used.

How to place an order?

Visit us for a date:

  • create a layout with the designer,

  • you will actually see examples

  • professional advice if necessary,

If you are unable to arrive, please email us your order.

Send the order by e-mail [], describing the content of your order in as much detail as possible, for example:

  • what type of object / material

  • how many units

  • preferred terms,

  • and other information as detailed as possible.

If possible, upload a visualization, photo, or file.

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